Welcome on the site for the proposed Ant Tasks Classloader and ClassloaderReport.

Some people have asked me in the last months to provide the tasks for a trial. Here they are in the proposed version for Ant 1.7. I will provide this version in the next weeks as a updated patch of the Feature Request.


If one has no problems with classpathes resp. classloaders he has not to read on.
However, there are some situations, where previous Ant classloading requires annoying workarounds. One of the more serious is dealing with Ant in environments where all tools (including Ant) are controlled by a versioning system; it is not easy to "install" jars for optional tasks.
<classloaderreport> will most likely be used for debugging or evaluation reasons.


Please help us to make the tasks more useful.
As long as this tasks are not commited to Ant's repository, please report bugs or requests for enhancements to info@jtools.org.
If you find the tasks useful, vote for the feature request in Ant's bugzilla.